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How Our Design Build Process Works

Artistic Design Build Is a full service design build company. For over 28 years we have been designing and building in the Puget Sound area. We have found a process that is time proven and comfortable for our clients and assures transparency of costs

  1. We make an initial visit to your home​​.

    1. This is generally done by both owners. ​

    2. We discuss your vision, budget, timing, and expectations

    3. We take measurements and pictures to prepare initial designs and costs

    4. There is no way to give accurate estimate of cost at this initial meeting and we understand that your budget is a priority. 

    5. We explain in more detail how our design, construction, and invoicing works

  2. We proceed with initial designs and costs

    1. The designs at this point are more for pricing than what the finished product will look like. We understand that revisions and changes before the actual construction are necessary.  

    2. We do a spread sheet for all items. At this point the numbers will appear as a range for budgeting purposes only

    3. Up to this point our services are not charged for. We do not leave designs at this point.

  3. We reschedule to meet again at your h​ome.

    1. We present the designs and discuss any changes that may be needed​

    2. We present the initial spread sheet with ranges of costs and discuss any value engineering that may be required

    3. If the design seems on track with expectations and costs within range we ask to proceed with a design contract.

    4. This is only a contract to get final designs and costs to homeowners.

    5. We typically take a small deposit to cover principals design time and permit initial preparation, any outside engineering if required, and any permit fees (if permit is required)

    6. Any money remaining from design contract will be applied to final construction contract

  4. We schedule visits to any showrooms to assist in final design and pricing. This can be cabinets, tile, carpet, granite or other hard surfaces for countertops, doors, plumbing fixtures and more. We also have online showrooms for many products.

  5. We finalize construction design, engineering requirements, and permit requirements

  6. We finalize our designs and costs. Time to sign a final contract and get ready to build!

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